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Cesar Erba first stepped into the world of film as a performer. Born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Cesar's exhilarating journey has taken him all over Canada. He's had the privilege of living in Vancouver, Montreal, and has currently made a home in Toronto, Ontario. Cesar is considered a versatile artist and was very fortunate to produce and star in his first feature, Offworld, in 2018. His enthusiasm to create the film currently in post-production under Crescent Moonlight Pictures stemmed from a passionate desire to see a greater extent of Latino artists and filmmakers in Canada. As a Canadian citizen with immigrant Latino parents, Cesar is always looking to use his artistic voice to represent his LGBTQ+ community as a queer filmmaker and personify his native South American roots giving the world through his projects a little piece of Chile, the country both his parents are from. Cesar is excited to be embarking on a new adventure under Caprius Films, where he is currently producing with Laura Steponchev, a short film titled Proper.


Laura Steponchev is a Canadian actress, writer, director, and producer living in Toronto, Ontario. She fell in love with creating and performing at a very young age, writing stories and songs to perform for anyone who would listen. She’s written several short films, countless poems, and has begun many yet-unfinished drafts of feature films and novels, as she’s been focused on developing her career on-screen. She loves getting lost in the world of story, and can’t wait for you to get lost in Caprius Films’ stories, with her.